The album “Oceanic” includes seven (7) orchestral tracks and one (1) lyrical:

From outer space to the depths of the oceans … After completing the trilogy of albums “Return to Space”, with the album “Return to Space 3”, which: • went up to # 2 of the charts in the digital albums of Greece in the General Ranking and … • to # 1 of the charts in the digital albums of Electronic Charts in Greece, where it stayed for a week and was once again released by the record label FM RECORDS, Music composer and producer of electronic music, George Lazarou (AURAL FRAGMENT), dives in the depths of the abyss, praising- in his own particular way- the seas and the oceans of our planet. His new album OCEANIC, which was completed on 20 June 2017 and is in fact, an Ode to the Ocean! During the recordings at Leadvoice Studios, Giorgio Lazarou (Aural Fragment), using synthesized electronic sounds, experimented psycho-audio synthesis, with digital and analog technology. In Oceanic, he creates and presents a highly surreal environment that enables imagination to travel where the human potential subsides …


Four (4) instrumental and two (2) vocal pieces are included:

After a two year break following Oceanic’s success which made it to #1 on Digital Albums-Greece category and #1 on Greece’s Electronic Charts, composer AURAL FRAGMENT presents Oceanic II. The album is released by FM Records and is available on all digital stores.
AURAL FRAGMENT paints musical landscapes which take listeners to the open seas and bring the oceanic world to life, its serenity and beauty along with its eerie nature and the terror it strikes.
Inspiration for the musical themes is drawn from creatures that have been associated with the ocean since ancient times, themes ranging from the vastness of the seven seas to the loneliness that accompanies the traveller who wanders over them.


Aural Fragment presents his new album, Oceanic III, outlining the real dimensions of the
ocean through 8 creations of electronic aesthetic. It is released by FM Records and is
available in all online stores.
Following the Oceanic series, he returns with a topical look at the relationship between man
and the high seas, a relationship that often results in an unequal interaction.
The ocean is full of contrasts, from the sunny shore to the unfathomable abyss. Depicting
each aspect with its own distinctive sound color, Aural Fragment touches on the rich ocean
life, but also on its unbowed nature.